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Christmas is not a season it’s a state of mind. Christmas is excited and magical time of the year. Christmas is considered as the biggest event of the year. Christmas is a time of sharing happiness and love. Christmas is a season of holiday. Peoples wish to each other through different ways. Peoples send meaningful Christmas poems, some wish to others through cards or some send Christmas wallpapers. On this day Christians like to going church and doing pray for whole nation.

Billions of people’s search Christmas poems to sing in church on internet but they not get short and Famous Christmas Poems. Christmas poems are always very inspirational and attractive. Peoples send Christmas poems to each other to express their feelings and emotions. If you are looking for Famous Christmas Poems for you family and other relatives so, now here you will get famous Christmas poems collection for your family.

We are sure our poems collection is inspiring. Huge numbers of peoples like to sing poems in church because singing of poems in church is a tradition of Christmas and peoples celebrate Christmas with traditions. We are providing you famous and short Christmas poems to sing in church. We share all Famous Christmas Poems. We have all types of poems for children and elders. If you are looking for Christmas poems, then stop here and visit our website. Famous Christmas Poems are available here on christmasdaygreetings.com

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  • Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
    for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
    like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
    The good you do for others is good you do yourself.
  • What do we love about Christmas;
    Does our delight reside in things?
    Or are the feelings in our hearts
    The real gift Christmas brings.

    It’s seeing those we love,
    And sending Christmas cards, too,
    Appreciating people who bring us joy
    Special people just like you.

  • Merry Christmas to you,
    May your season be bright,
    And may countless blessings
    Be yours on this night!
  • Even though this Christmas
    We must spend apart,
    You’re still right here with me,
    Because I keep you in my heart.
    So picture me there beside you
    Sitting by the twinkling tree,
    And rest assured next Christmas
    You’ll truly be spending it with me.
  • The Santa is on his way
    With lots of love and gifts galore,
    The bond of family gathering,
    And fun a little more,
    Helping people with your will,
    There is a special snowy chill,
    In the air,
    Stay blessed this Christmas,
    As you prepare for the fun,
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  • I heard the bells on Christmas Day
    Their old, familiar carols play,
    And wild and sweet
    The words repeat
    Of peace on earth, good-will to men!
  • To your enemy, forgiveness.
    To an opponent, tolerance.
    To a friend, your heart.
    To a customer, service.
    To all, charity.
    To every child, a good example.
    To yourself, respect.
  • God bless the master of this house,
    And all that are therein,
    And to begin this Christmas tide
    With mirth now let us sing.

    For the Saviour of all people
    Upon this time was born,
    Who did from death deliver us,
    When we were left forlorn.

  • Christmas season is about giving gifts,
    Always remember your nephews and niece.
    Just recall how much happiness this brings,
    For it is always better to give than to receive.
  • Christmas is a good feeling
    You feel so blessed this day
    You know for sure the things that will come
    As happiness is on the way,
    Christmas spirit stays in heart,
    Its that time of the year,
    Its that wonderful start,
    Of the Christmas light in life!


  • Christmas may be many things
    or it may be a few.
    For you, the joy
    is each new toy;
    for me; it’s watching you.


  • If we practiced Jesus every way,
    It’d be like Christmas every day;
    If we, like Him, were meek and mild
    And loved each woman, man and child,
    If we’d read our Bible, it’d remind us,
    So that every single day would find us
    More and more in sweet accord
    With our sweet Jesus–Master, Lord.
    Then every day that we’re alive
    Would be like December 25.


  • The best thing I ever received
    Was given sometime ago
    So precious and rare
    More valued than gold.My heart beat faster
    And my pulse began to race
    I’ll never forget that moment
    Including time or place.The best gift ever
    Infiltrated my heart
    I plan to keep you always
    Forever to start.


  • On the eve of Christmas
    Surely I’ll have you near
    I’ll wrap my arms around you
    And hold my darling dear
    I’ll kiss those lips of wine
    As you stand ‘neath the mistletoe
    My heart will follow you
    Everywhere you go.Merry Christmas, My Love!


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  • Rejoice that we are all together
    For a day like this.
    Two things keep us happy, warm
    A Christmas hug from you my dear
    And in return a Christmas Kiss.
    Merry Christmas from the heart,
    To ones I hope will never part.


  • We hope this Christmas enriches your life;
    May each day be happy and bright,
    Overflowing with pleasure and love;
    May your Christmas be filled with delight.


  • I will choose a Christmas tree
    to celebrate the Birth:
    I will plant it carefully
    upon God’s good deep earth.I will tend my Christmas tree
    in honour of the Child:
    I will leave it growing
    in the wetness and the wild.


  • Merry Christmas to friends!
    Merry Christmas to foes!
    The world’s bright with joy, so
    Forget all your woes.
    The earth’s full of beauty, of
    Love and good cheer.
    Merry Christmas to all and a
    Happy New Year!


  • Christmas brings us closer
    It’s a special time of year
    A family time and one to share
    With those we hold most dear
    Christmas brings us closer
    And like this wish it brings
    Some very precious memories
    And life’s most happy things


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