Christmas greeting poems

The time of Christmas always brings lots of happiness in our life because it is one of the biggest occasions in our life. On this day people wish to each others with many different ways. This year you should make your Christmas special with your dear ones. If you would like to wish others with poems so, visit our website and get through us best collection of Christmas greeting poems.


  • Rejoice that we are all together
    for a day like this.
    Two things keep us pleased, warm
    A Christmas hug from you my dear
    and in return a Christmas Kiss.
    Merry Christmas from the heart,
    To ones I hope will never part.
  • The stockings are hung,
    the carols are being sung.
    My heart is filled with joy,
    along with every girl and boy.
    It’s really hard to go to sleep,
    you want to go and take a peep.
    And, when you’re finally in bed,
    visions of Santa dance in your head.
  • My folks think I’m a serving maid
    Each time I visit home;
    They do not dream I ply a trade
    As old as Greece or Rome;
    For if they found I’d fouled their name
    And was not white as snow
  • God of grace and mercy
    Looked down from up aboveTo see a world in chaos
    without hope and loveHe saw the only way
    Is to send His precious sonTo be born of a woman
    bringing hope to everyone…
  • Thank you for your tender love
    You’ll never really knowHow happy that you’ve made me
    And how much I love you so“Merry Christmas”
  • One little star on the top of the tree,
    Two little presents underneath for me,
    Three silver ropes twisted around the tree,
    Four colored lights shining prettily,
    Five shining balls flowing silvery.
    Oh, what a sight for use to see!
  • All the elves at the North Pole are pooped
    Their wee little eyes red and drooped
    Making train sets and dolls
    High tech toys or round balls
    And since Santa left, well nigh to looped.
  • So, now it’s arrived Christmas Day
    Well, what do you expect me to say,
    That everything’s great and time to share?
    I clean up after, do I complain, do I dare?
    I decorate the tree, wrap the gifts, cook the dinner
    It’s meant to be a day of sharing, I’m not the winner,
    For those you take for granted, give a thought
    Give a helping hand, some help of some sort
  • With family and with friends
    we celebrate this time of year,
    our homes all filled with happiness
    because Christmas is finally here
  • I wish a Christmas full of cheer,
    A glass of wine,
    A pint of beer,
    Some festive food,
    A party hat,
    A Christmas cracker,
    You can’t beat that,
    Some Carols and a bit of snow,
    Enough to make our faces glow,
    Some laughter and some presents too,
    Merry Christmas from us,
    With bells on to you!